Frequently Asked Questions

Participation in Jammu and Kashmir Global Investors’ Summit is by invitation only. However, you can proceed for registration without an invitation code and request for participation via following links. On successful submission of a registration request, it will be approved or declined as per the discretion of the concerned department.
Registration link: https://jkinvestorsummit.com/register.php

International delegation leaders/coordinators can register their delegation on the Jammu and Kashmir Global Investors’ Summit website. Once the delegation request is approved, the delegation leader/coordinator can add delegation members.
Registration link: https://jkinvestorsummit.com/register.php

The venue of the Summit is Jammu/Srinagar. For more details for each event please visit: https://jkinvestorsummit.com

If you are leading a delegation from abroad, you may send a delegation participation request through the website. Alternatively, you and other members of your organization may register separately as individuals.

Sector wise project profiles can be found from following link: https://jkinvestorsummit.com

Once you have successfully submitted your request, it will be approved or rejected as necessary by event organizing department shortly.

Jammu and Kashmir Global Investors’ Summit brings together several Industry stalwarts, Investors from India and around the world, associations, economic development organizations, eminent diplomats, sectorial experts and senior policy advisors.
The Summit comprises of Global Interactive Thematic Seminars/Conferences, Conventions, Panel Discussions, CEO Conclave, Discussion Forums, B2B & B2G meetings, Exhibition pavilions and other networking programs.
Key benefits to the participants include:

  • Direct interaction with key policy makers at Centre and UT level
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Business opportunities across a global platform
  • One-on-one meetings with policy and regulation makers
  • Discussions on the latest information on all aspects of investment
  • Get to know about latest R&D in technology
  • A platform to showcase your brand
  • Forge a sustainable partnership that translates into a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Directly connect with SIDCO on current investment projects
  • Learn from industry experts who have brought operations in the UT.

Focused B2B and B2G meets will be facilitated by senior representatives from the Government. Interactive sessions with policy makers, senior Government representatives and thought leaders will be held.

B2G User Guide: https://jkinvestorsummit.com/
For B2G meeting, first register with the website.

  • Next, Login with the website.
  • Click on B2G Meeting,
  • Select Department and provide Reason for meeting
  • And click on Send
  • Department will approve / reject request as necessary & allot the date & time of meeting

Yes, there are 14 focus sector identified by the Government which are as under:-

  1. Tourism and Hospitality.
  2. Horticulture and Post Harvesting Management.
  3. Agro and Food Processing.
  4. Manufacturing (with special focus on MSME).
  5. IT and ITeS.
  6. Film Sector.
  7. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.
  8. Education and Skill Development.
  9. Infrastructure and Real Estate.
  10. Hydro and Renewable energy.
  11. Handloom and Handicrafts.
  12. Milk, Poultry and wool production.
  13. Herbal and Medicinal plant.
  14. Agriculture and Mulberry Production for Silk.

All the approvals are time bound and covered under Public Service Guarantee Act 2011.
For more details, visit : https://www.investjk.in/assets/pdfs/single-window.pdf

The latest J&K Government policies including sector specific policies may be accessed at: https://jkinvestorsummit.com/

MoU is an intention by an investor to invest in the UT, although with no legal biding on the either party. The basic objective of signing MoUs is to facilitate the investor in obtaining the approval required for setting a unit.

A Citizen of India, a non-resident entity, NRIs -residents in Nepal and Bhutan , An FII a SEBI Registered Foreign Venture capital Investor (FVCI ) , Qualified Foreign Investors (QFI)

The Investor can apply on Single window clearance System i.e http://www.investjk.in/ http://www.investjk.in/

After simple registration on single window, the applicant needs to first create the project.

  1. If the applicant is having his own land, then CAF will be submitted by him and subsequently will apply for relevant NoCs
  2. If the applicant is not having his own land then he need to apply for land and then then in turn submit the CAF form

For more information, visit https://www.investjk.in/welcome/procedurechecklist

Yes. An investor can contact the HOD of the concerned department in which sector he wants to invest.

No. However, Jammu and Kashmir has a presence of all the Major Public and Private Sector Banks and other financial Institutions.

  1. Barrier Free Movement
  2. Assistance in Capital Investment
  3. Attractive Tax Exemptions
  4. Green Industrialization
  5. Freight Assistance
  6. Stamp Duty Exemption
  7. Customised package for Mega Projects
  8. Progressive Labour Reforms

  1. Progressive, competitive and investor friendly policies
  2. Industrial and sector specific Land Bank available
  3. Pristine and pollution free environment
  4. Large captive market, Easy access to consumers of neighbouring states
  5. Well connected through Air, Road and Rail
  6. Institutes of national repute ensuring high quality human resources
  7. Ease of doing Business and conducive working environment
  8. Competitive cost of doing business

The Single Window Clearance System Portal is a single window facilitation mechanism for investors. The portal is a medium of information for investors on Government policies, incentive schemes and the availability of infrastructure. It provides manuals to help investors understand the application process for proposed investment projects. The portal will also facilitate different stakeholder departments to process applications by investors and approve them online. It also aims to build a centralized repository of sector-wise investments in the State and Government policies, and ultimately to deliver to investors a high-quality and responsive service.

There is no Registration fee to register, registration can simply be done by logging in www.investjk.in and click Register on the homepage.

Applicant can visit www.investjk.in and get all information by clicking Tab of Information Wizard on the Homepage, Applicant can get further help by calling Investment Facilitation Cell.

You can list any query in the portal by logging in the www.investjk.in and clicking on the Grievances Tab, at the same time queries are handled by the IFC team the tab is given on the homepage of single window.

No there is no fee for the processing of CAF, however when you are applying for some Approval from any department through single window clearance system the fee is applicable which varies from department to department.

Fee can be paid online through payment gateway integrated with Single Window System while applying for various services.

To track any application, applicant can click application status on the homepage of www.investjk.in

No, the final certificate can be downloaded directly from the single window portal.

The approvals will be given as per Public Service Guarantee Act 2011 and if the approval is not granted within stipulated time, the application will get the deemed approved status.

You may use the Contact Form available on the website. In case of further queries, you may email us on jkgis@mail.jk.gov.in

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